miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

Primaveral total happiness in kilca

kilca this celebrating gladly the times of spring ...Latin rates, regional drinks and smooth lights at night brighten up the moments of celebration… that are all in the life.
Luz Buena is music to be happy dancing,...where the body wins to him to the mind and the smile prevails we are transported to a hall in which is listened to cumbia and the smile is drawn indefinitely..

viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Hostel Buenos Aires

We've opened the doors of our 19th century home so as to share in the adventure of life along with this magical place which we call KILCA, a fun and friendly hostel, simply good for the soul.


El Patio de adelante
Once inside Kilca's little universe you'll enjoy ample lounge space both inside and out, including patios with gardens as well as a large and inviting living room for reading, relaxing, cable television, or socializing.


this celebration was characteristic for being organized by theChilean and fast talker Sebastian
Thanks Sebas!
The big baño

Un cuarto
La pileta

Siggi!! & Maynes...

Spanish Class

Where is Maynes??

Comedor (hi KAte!)